What are the pros and cons of daydreaming?

Daydreaming leads to creative thoughts and great new ideas. I have to admit though that as a child my mind might have wandered a bit too much some days in class. One day in a creative writing class in college I was daydreaming about my daydreaming and began to write this poem. Could the child or children in your life identify with it? Can you?

The Test

“Begin Here.”  She said

   as I looked down to where she was pointing

   on the standardized test in front of me.

Begin Here

   The words echoed in my ear as my mind wandered off to a fair at midnight

   where I would meet up with my friends and then–

“Begin Here.”  She said, this time more sternly.

   while she waved her hands in front of my face

   as I slowly came back to the room and began

filling in the dots with circular black marks.

(But the truth is I am always running off the page)

By: Amanda Cook

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