The Respect Program

The Respect Program’s mission is to build resiliency and social skills in children through literature and art to stop bullying. The program also encourages a love of reading in children for future academic and professional success.

The Respect Program uses age-appropriate stories and poetry in lessons with children ages 3 – 14.  There are seven lesson themes related to self-care, anti-bullying strategies, and respect for others. 

Lesson themes:

  1. Reach For Your Dreams
  2. Express and Regulate Emotions
  3. Speak, Write, and Draw With Your Voice
  4. Play! 
  5. Expand Social Skills
  6. Cultivate Diversity
  7. Treat Others With Respect

In addition, The Respect Program provides anti-bullying workshops for teachers, parents, and non-profit staff on ways to use literature, creative writing, and art projects to support social emotional growth, healthy social skills, and a love of reading.

The Respect Program also works with nonprofits and schools to assess the social climate and to measure changes in bullying and self-care behaviors over time. The program comes with a program evaluation framework so you can receive qualitative and qualitative feedback from participants.  

Here are some of children’s comments about what they learned in The Respect Program:

  • “I learned how to control my anger and how to stop bullying”
  • “To stand up to a bully.  Tell a teacher when someone is being bullied”
  • “I learned that bullying is wrong and I can help stop it.” 
  • “I learned that everyone needs to respect and care for each other.”
  • “How not to be a bully and how to be a good bystander”
Amanda Cook teaching one of the first Respect Program classes in 2012 in Memphis, Tennessee.

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